Homogenizer For Wheat Starch Processing


Homogenizer For Wheat Starch Processing

The homogenizer makes the binding force between protein and starch particles gradually weakened and completely separated.Glutenin polymer and glutenin macropolymer in protein form microfiber bundle by non-covalent bond such as hydrogen bond and hydrophobic bond, so that protein and starch particles are evenly distributed in free state.

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  • 1It is a device that efficiently, quickly and uniformly separates one phase or multiple liquids, solids, and gases into another incompatible continuous phase of liquid.
  • 2Evenly and carefully dispersed into the chemical, through the circulation of the high-frequency chemical pump.

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During the homogenization process, non-gluten proteins also form network polymers with very weak strength. When the gluten network is formed, they enter the network gaps formed by glutenin polymers. There are weak covalent bonds and hydrophobic interactions between them and the gluten network. Compared with Starch is difficult to wash away.

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Scope of Application

Which is widely used in the processing of  wheat,  starch extraction.

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