Electrical And Automatic Control System


Electrical And Automatic Control System

The electronic control system is mainly used in the monitoring, operation and management center of production.

Zhengzhou Jinghua electric control system consists of industrial control computer and MCC, OCC, LCB etc., cupboards. Cupboards are made of plastic spraying on shell sheet with functions of good earthling and electric insulation, which complies with IEC standard.

Product Detail


  • 1The electrical control system is mainly composed of MCC motor control cabinet, OCC motor operation control center cabinet, LCB field electrical operation control cabinet, process simulation control screen and industrial control compute.
  • 2The industrial control computer can coordinate the data communication of intelligent instrument, PLC, governor and other control components in the system, and has several dynamic graphics display.
  • 3It can not only dynamically display the process flow chart, but also display the real-time process parameters such as equipment speed, current, pressure, flow rate, density, temperature, liquid level, etc.
  • 4It can monitor and control running of equipment, realize alarm and recording of failures, record and store production technological data and provide relative reports.
  • 5It can work yearly with 100000h of no failure rate.
  • 6control buttons can display directly to prevent mis operation.
  • 7Panel is made of imported materisl with good looking and easy cleaning.
  • 8All lights are LEDwith high efficiency and good reliability.

Show Details

First, the direct control system is consisted of PLC programmable controller and large flow display and control screen.

The flow simulate display screen have three functions:equipments figure display, running state indication and control. It is direct displayed and prevents wrong operation. Screen is adopting import material, which makes it firm beautiful and clean, convenience. The pilot lamps are all adopting LED lamps, which have a high light efficiency and long durable time and high reliability. This system also has other functions such as power control, audible and visual alarm, elements test and maintenance functions. 

Second, the control room computer system that formed by industry computer.

It could harmonize the digital communication of the section that consists of intelligent gauges, PLC, speed regulator etc. It has dynamic figures display, which means it can not only display the flow chart but also can display pressure, flow capacity, density and other flow parameters and real time graphs. It can also monitor the running state of equipments and record the failure and alarm information. Production flow data can be recoded, stored and it can also generate the flow production report.


Scope of Application

The electronic control system is mainly used in the monitoring, operation and management center of production.

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