Germ Cyclone for Corn Starch Processing


Germ Cyclone for Corn Starch Processing

The DPX series germ cyclones under certain pressure, the material after coarse grinding of corn enters into the swirling tube of the germ from the tangential direction through the feed port for rotation movement. According to the specific gravity of the germ and corn paste, under the action of centrifugal force, the free germ overflows through the overflow port and the corn paste is discharged from the lower outlet.

Product Detail

Main technical parameters


Capacity of single cyclone tube(t/h)

Feed pressure(MPa)











  • 1Germ cyclone is mainly used to separate germ by rotation flow under certain pressure following coarse crushing .
  • 2DPX series germ cyclones
  • 3This equipment is static , simple structure , easy installation and big capacity .
  • 4It is suitable for different production quantities by changing the number of cyclone pipe.

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Germ cyclone is mainly used for germ separation in corn starch production. According to the principle of centrifugal force, after the material enters from the feed port along the tangential direction, the heavy phase material flows out from the bottom and the light phase material flows out from the top to achieve the purpose of separation. The device is characterized by smart design, compact structure and high efficiency degermination. Through series or parallel, to meet different process requirements. Mainly used in corn starch industry, feed industry.

Corn germ cyclone is an ideal equipment to replace germ floating tank and improve the recovery rate of starch germ in the process of corn starch production. It is divided into single column and double column form.

Germ Cyclone (1)
Germ Cyclone (2)
Germ Cyclone (3)

Scope of Application

The DPX series germ cyclones are mainly used for germ separation by rotational flow under certain pressure when corns are roughly crashed.

Widely used in corn starch and other starch enterprises (corn production line).

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