Three-phase Decanter Centrifuge


Three-phase Decanter Centrifuge

The homogenized material is transported to the three-phase horizontal screw centrifuge, and the material is divided into the following three phases:The first phase is the discharge of A starch by the screw conveyor.The second phase contains B starch and active protein pressure discharge.The third is the light phase, containing pentosan and soluble matter, which is discharged by its own weight.

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spiral power(kw)

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  • 1Three-phase decanter centrifuges can efficiently handle various types of sewage, sludge and liquid-solid mixtures.
  • 2Three-phase decanter centrifuges have extremely low energy consumption.
  • 3Three-phase decanter centrifuges are designed and constructed to minimize maintenance costs.
  • 4Three-phase decanter centrifuges provide highly integrated systems for a variety of applications.

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The horizontal screw centrifuge is mainly composed of a drum, a spiral, a differential system, a liquid level baffle, a drive system and a control system. The horizontal screw centrifuge uses the density difference between the solid and liquid phases to accelerate the process under the action of centrifugal force. The solid-liquid separation is achieved by adjusting the settling speed of solid particles. The specific separation process is that the sludge and flocculant liquid are sent into the mixing chamber in the drum through the inlet pipe, where they are mixed and flocculated.

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Scope of Application

Which is widely used in the processing of  wheat,  starch extraction.

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