Vacuum Filter Machine for Starch Processing


Vacuum Filter Machine for Starch Processing

Zhengzhou Jinghua Industry vacuum filter combines the latest technology and years experience into a whole, which is widely used for starch milk dewatering in .potato starch,wheat starch,cassava starch and sweet potato sago starch project.

In corn starch industry, it has excellent result for protein dehydration.

Product Detail

Main technical parameters

Model KLG12 KLG20 KLG24 KLG34
Vacuum degree(Mpa) 0.04~0.07 0.04~0.07 0.04~0.07 0.04~0.07
Content of solid(%) ≥60 ≥60 ≥60 ≥60
Feeding density(Be°) 16-17 16-17 16-17 16-17
Capacity(t/h) 4 6 8 10
Power 3 4 4 4
Drum rotary speed(r/min) 0-7.9 0-7.9 0-7.9 0-7.9
Weight(kg) 3000 4000 5200 6000
Dimension(mm) 3425x2312x2213 4775x2312x2213 4785x2630x2600 5060x3150x3010


  • 1Combining the latest technologoy and years experience into a whole.
  • 2Fully stainless steel for parts contacting with material,compact structure and nice design
  • 3Speed of rotating dum can be adjusted according to actual site.
  • 4Material umloaded through blade, which is made of high rigid aly and can be adjusted.
  • 5Stimer's rumning frequency can be adjusted.
  • 6Continuous adjusting for fhuid-level control.
  • 7Low energy consumption,small areafindly operation and stable running.
  • 8Widely used for dewatering of suspension in starch processing.

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Belt vacuum filter can continuous filter , dehydrate and discharge under vacuum effect . adopts vacuum suction method to achieve solid particles and liquid separation.

It is suitable to concentrate and filter materials with low solid phase concentration , fine particle and higher viscosity .

It is mainly used for protein dehydrating in corn starch processing.

Work, driven by speed regulating motor rotating the drum in the slurry tank, vacuum pump to produce vacuum inside the drum, under the action of pressure difference, material suspended solution over the surface of the drum forming uniform coating, when reaching a certain thickness from pneumatic scraper to starch, filtrate into the steam separator, so as to achieve the aim of starch, water, gas separation.


Scope of Application

Which is widely used for starch milk dewatering in, potato starch, wheat starch, cassava starch and sweet potato sago starch project.

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