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Cassava Paddle Washer Machine: A Reliable Solution for Efficient and Effective Cleaning

Zhengzhou JingHua Industry Co., Ltd. is a renowned manufacturer and company in China that specializes in the production of high-quality agricultural machines. Among their innovative products is the Cassava Paddle Washer Machine. This machine is specially designed for the washing of cassava before processing. The Cassava Paddle Washer Machine is highly efficient and helps to reduce the workload of farmers. It is powered by electricity and has a paddle shaft that rotates with an adjustable speed. Its unique design prevents cassava from being bruised during washing, which ensures the high-quality of end products. This machine has a large capacity and can wash up to 5,000 kg of cassava per hour. As a factory that is dedicated to delivering advanced agricultural machinery solutions, Zhengzhou JingHua Industry Co., Ltd. is committed to providing products that meet industry standards. Their Cassava Paddle Washer Machine is durable, reliable and simple to use. If you are in search of a trusted supplier for agricultural machines, look no further than Zhengzhou JingHua Industry Co., Ltd.

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